Truly a saint

I put my back out in July, well at least that’s what the current diagnosis is. Usually I’ve had no problem at least crippling to the dog park so he could blast around and burn off some energy, but this week with trying to work two 4 hour shifts proved too much and I’m off work again until God knows when. Pain was bad enough to keep me on the couch this week apart from when absolutely necessary and Ranger spent it cooped up with me.

Granted, he does have access to a small fenced yard (think prison exercise pen) to chew his bone, use the bathroom, and play with his toys, but for a border collie mixed with high energy, you could see him slowly turning into a squirrel on crack.

He’s tried ever so hard though. When I’m laid up in bed, he’s there snuggling and when I’m on the couch he chews his bone on the floor. He’s quiet outside and doesn’t throw his toys around the house smashing into things.

Did I mention this is 96% of the time?

That other 4% involves barking at neighbours, forcefully washing the cat (he only does it with Slim who has no claws), chuffing while mouthing my hands, sliding onto me for cuddles, and throwing his toys around the house.

I can actually see his eyes change and the squirrel brain take control.

Also, thank god for friends who will take him to the ballpark to burn some energy. The squirrel has faded away and tonight we can relax.


And why another blog

Despite my failings previously to keep a blog going for more than the ‘new toy’ phase, this blog is started with the intention to record the triumphs and tribulations of my mixed breed black adopted dog, Ranger as he (and we) travel down the path of life learning along the way. 

I don’t make any promises to the order or the content. This blog has been strictly started as a way for me to have a record of our travels.