BarkBox – December 2013


Today with excitement we met the mail carrier at the door for Ranger’s second BarkBox delivery. I think Ranger knew what was in the box before we even opened the door because he was VERY excited.

You can sign up by the month, 3 month, or 6 month package. Obviously the more you get, the cheaper each month. I did the six month package and remember that they renew automatically. Plus, each month there are different codes you can put in to get a cheaper deal.

This month use code BARKFRIDAY to get $12 off a 6-month subscription. That’s only $17.00 per month!! Just go to 


Every box comes with a card outlining what delicious and fun goodies are inside. This box looks like it has some fun items and they must smell good because Ranger needed a sit-stay to keep him away for me to take the pictures.

Item: Barkworthies Bully Sticks


There is nothing Ranger like more than a good chew and bully sticks are the cream of the crop. With no chemicals or preservatives, this beef bladder chew was a big hit and even though we were waiting until Christmas to give him his goodies, he got this within a day of arrival.

Item: LICKS Liquid Vitamins Zen Treat for Dogs


These all natural packets are made in the US and recommended for anxiety, poor mood, or aggressive behaviour. They promote a 98% absorption rate as opposed to 20%(pills) and 30%(powders and chews). It takes 30-60 minutes to start working and I may try these on our next longer road trip as Ranger still gets pretty drooly and unhappy.

Item: Hare of the Dog (Rabbit with Red Apple and Dandelion) Dog Treats


Ranger hasn’t had a lot of treats with rabbit as a main ingredient, but these wheat-free treats that are ingredient-sourced and made in the USA certainly look good. They are supposed to wait until Christmas morning, but we tried one out. Instead of crunching it up right away, he took it to his bed and gave it a thorough sniffing before crunching it down. I guess we’ll see how he likes them when he is offered more.

Item: PetSafe Busy Buddy Chuckle Dog Toy


I think this toy is going to be of great interest to Ranger. Currently he uses two kongs and a Treat Ball to keep his brain entertained and I am hoping this will be another toy we can add to his food puzzles. It says it is meant for powerful jaws and the ends can withstand molars. It makes a weird noise when dropped/shook and has prongs in each end that can be cut to modify the ease of use. Can’t wait to fill this one up.

Item: Planet Dog Eats Chicken and Pumpkin Pot Pie treats


These treats contain NO wheat, corn, or soy. They are made with simple ingredients and Ranger had no problems scarfing down the test treat.

All told, I was really happy with this Barkbox. A new toy to add to the pile and some treats so I don’t break to the temptation of heading to the pet store 🙂


Obedience Skills 2 – Lesson 1

Even though it is right before Christmas, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to start the second course at Fetch Inc so that this spring we will be ready for the agility training classes *excited yet terrified squeal*

Our last class was a busy group of 8 dogs, but this one is a manageable 4. Once again Ranger is the senior of the class at about 2 years, with a small 6-month sheltie bringing in the rear. 

Our first class was an overview of all the different commands we had learned from the last course. All day prior to class Ranger had been playing, jumping, chuffing, and generally creating a nuisance of himself. Coupled with the fact that maybe we hadn’t practiced as much as we should have and I’ll admit I was a little concerned with Ranger’s focus. 

I shouldn’t have worried. Despite being a little vocal (ok, a lot vocal – you might have thought he was a husky cross) Ranger focused on me completed every request. The puppy pushups have really helped strengthen his hind end and the trainer commented on his nose touches being “focused and full of effort”. 

Hide-and-seek recall (leaving Ranger with the instructor, going into the other room, and calling dog) proved once again that I don’t give Ranger the credit he deserves on his recall. Apparently he tried to collar slip a few times before the recall command and once he could follow he was off like a bolt. 

All the previous equipment (teeter, wobble board, stool, and tunnel) were refreshed and Ranger was quite happy to see it all out. It warms my heart that he is so interested in learning. His PLACE command (front feet on stool, turned to face me) was fantastic, but I must remember to work on his bad pivoting side which just seems a little stiff for my liking. 

Positive: Ranger’s LLW (loose leash walking) was improved greatly. I need to remember to work on it for short sessions on our usual walks. 

To Work on: Additional practice on PLACE pivoting. 

Next week is Boxing Day so there is no class, so we have a break until the New Year. 

Our break

As you can see there was a break in my posts and that break was also mirrored in our lives. The last couple weeks were filled with the labnado visiting. 


Hey, you talkin’ about me?

The tiny land shark has now grown into an adolescent labnado whose mouth is now high enough the reach EVERYTHING. Ranger and I had our hands full for over a week entertaining Gauge while his human parents were busy laying on a beach in Mexico…I did get a lot of puppy kisses, snuggles, and my puppy lust has been satiated without running out and doing something crazy (like getting a puppy full-time).

Ranger’s days involved outing to the beach, rough housing at my brother’s house with Gauge and Poppy, and sleeping hard.


Did I mention sleeping hard?


For a few days after Gauge left, Ranger was depressed. As frustrating as the energizer puppy could be, I really think he enjoyed having a dog friend full time. Once things are more manageable here at home, I really would like to start fostering which would give Ranger a pal and help a dog in need. 

During our break, Ranger also got to meet Santa. Lietash Academy was holding photo sessions to raise money for the various charities (specifically animal) in the area. The last time Ranger was at their centre was for the mushing clinic and he was definitely hyped up. We did get a good picture though 😀



We have lots to work on and our level two obedience class started tonight (will post about it later). Working on mushing commands and getting him out to run are the two goals leading up to the new year.