Nosework #4

Tonight Ranger played with the big boys and we searched for only Wintergreen. His first cycle through he went passed the box and smelled them all before coming back to the scent. The instructor says it’s because he was looking to see which one was different than the rest and he was just making sure.

He did well on his runs, but was less interested in settling between turns. I’m going to bring his mat next week (and water) to let him have his own spot to crash while waiting and see if that helps him.

He did smash one box on a run and turned to see if that would be enough to get him a treat, but we’ve added a verbal “nope” and he’ll move on from it and search out the scent.

Our homework is to keep doing what we’re doing at home to build up habit. We’ll be working on increasing his alert.

They’ve also brought up that they will be holding a Canine Good Neighbour test in the future and asked if Ranger would be interested. Said I’d be up for it, but who knows if Ranger will pass (not sure if his enthusiasm will get in the way). They’ll be going over everything that’s needed to pass and holding a class or two for prep so I said why not?

More things to do with Ranger the better.

Tuesday Ranger got to blow off some steam with his favourite BFF; these two are such monkeys.

two dogs playing

their faces kill me


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