Agility #7

Ranger had a great lesson at agility.

We did some tire-sharp turn tunnel – straight jump; jump-tunnel-pinwheel (three jumps at west/north/east) and Aframe-jump. (building up to the full sequences). Ranger paid more attention to where he went (as opposed to looking at my hands) and did really well on the weird angle from one of the jumps to the tunnel. He’s still a great deal faster than me, but he actually collected back onto the correct side after the tunnel to move forward to the jump with me  Super proud mum.

The schnauzer was there today and he still has it in for Ranger. He didn’t bolt over to us at all, but I kept Ranger farther away from him and at one point in a settle on one side of a tunnel so he couldn’t see him at all.

We also had them walked through the weave poles today (prior to this all we’d done was have them walk through a very open set of six). It was way over Ranger’s head and he wasn’t sure at all what we were after, but he went through them and was happy on the other side. I’ve always felt that the weaves will be tricky for him (since he seems to be two dogs – a front half and a back half) but I’ll just keep working on his leg awareness stuff at home and hope it comes together.

Also let my instructor know that I would like to volunteer for their trials for whatever they need. Said they’re always looking for people and it would be good for me too.


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