Outdoors is our home

Outdoors is our home

“The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.”
― Johnny Depp


Discover HRM – Sandy Beach Park II

Ok, so I know I already posted about Sandy Beach Park HERE but we went again yesterday and it is SOOOOO much better than I had originally thought. 



The gate was shut today so we parked right up at the top of the driveway and headed in with Ranger. About 20 feet down on the left side is a trail and God, is it ever nice. 

The trail is slightly angled and once you’re in, there are multiple trails off in different directions. At the lowest park is the lake so really no matter where you go you can find your way out (driveway on one side, lake on the other). Ranger once again zoomed around like his tail was on fire and even had a splash through the lake. 

Since I’ve already talked about here, I think I’ll just let the pictures do the talking. One note, at this time of year there are muckier parts of the trail so you’re still better off to wear wellies. 









Discover HRM – Sandy Beach Park



Sandy Beach Park is located on Smith Rd (which is off Hammonds Plain) quite near the highway exit. I had never heard about it before, but with my current searching to discover the places so close to home I came across a blog post mentioning it. An off leash dog area that I hadn’t heard of? Let’s go!

The park starts up near the entrance sign and is considered off leash as soon as you get through the gates. If you’re crippled like me, you can drive (ever so carefully) down to the giant gravelled parking lot at the base of the entrance. At this point is the entrance the the beginning of the trail. 



During the summer, you can walk this area off leash and then take the left where the off leash section continues. After October 1st, the whole area becomes off leash so we took a tour down to the human beach front and into a small trail at the end which led into the woods. 

Ranger LOVES the woods. It was my first experience letting him off leash with thicker woods nearby. I’m a wimp and the thought of my guy darting off and becoming lost has always kept me to flat uncovered areas that I can see him. That day with no dogs around, I swallowed any concerns and he passed with flying colours. 

Once in the woods, he basically circled in HUGE sweeping passes jumping over felled trees and splashing through the marshy area. 



  • large off leash area
  • gravelled trail walkway
  • interesting area
  • close proximity to the city


  • longer drive from Dartmouth area (but still reasonable at 20 minutes)
  • trail isn’t as long as I would like (the dog section may be longer, but I will need to bring my rubber boots)

I know one con isn’t a lot, but I really enjoyed the place. I’ll be going back again soon and maybe I can look at it from an unbiased eye then. For now, it’s one of my favourite spots.