Agility #1 – Here we go again

Tonight was class one of our next session. It’s hard to believe another set is over, but I always take the time to read the first entry from the previous to remind myself of how far we’ve come.

Tonight after warm up we started with a three jump pin wheel first with dog on right (DOR) and then immediately with dog on left (DOL). Ranger still works better DOL, but he is becoming stronger on his (and my) weak side. We added another jump and a tire to the end and Ranger followed my lead. We worked on a couple different lines (one with a tunnel) and another of chute-jump-tunnel. No one needed to hold the chute, and I welcomed the added time it takes him to worm his way out. I need to work on delivering his cues earlier as the little dogs’ strides give them more time to gather themselves.

Our shining moment in the class was the 6-pole weave which is still set up with the gates. Not only did he enter relaxed in DOR and DOL, but he didn’t try to jump over them to escape and he watched where he was going each time. Granted he’s not moving faster than a walk, but Less Haste; More Speed is going to be our mantra.

The work on the teeter was probably our best yet too. He did need to be reminded that he couldn’t approach on his hind legs pressing against the collar, but when he did hit the teeter and it started to move Ranger showed the first glimpse of self preservation ever in agility class and stopped to balance himself for its descent.

Had some issues with him geeking out about halfway through class (bouncing, fake spooking, and acting spazzy) which makes me wonder if the higher level of brain work at scent class the night before is frying him. When classes were a day apart he seemed better (although last week he got spazzy and had the day in between…but the scent work class was harder than normal. Will have to see how he handles them so close, and hope he can handle it.

Tomorrow is the first trial of the season and I’ll be heading over to help out and hopefully learn a bit about it all.


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